snow, tea, granpa

so many smiles today. it's snowing for the first time this year (after having summer weather only two days ago?), i found an amazing photograph of my grandfather who i never had the pleasure of meeting, and some hot decaf (iknowsad) english breakfast tea. simple things make me smile. bliss!

(this photo found here)
(found this one manymany years ago. and i still love it.)
(granpa. in his spiffy suit and glasses. i love him so much. and i never even knew him.)


design bug

since the semester has ended, i've been needing to release some design energy...
i've had this crazy alice in wonderland design for a little girls room/baby's room in my head for quite a while and thought i would share. here are some elements from urban outfitters, etsy, and anthropologie that would go in the "room". it doesn't include general finishes of course....but it's all the fun stuff!! *smile
here you go!

the only thing that hearkens to alice in Wland literally.
lovelovelove this pillow from etsy.

walllll pappperrr. for one wall.

AHmazing anthro lamp.

next up: peter pan (my faveee)

home & mawwiage

i'm hommeeeeeee. so good to be back.
you know what makes it even better tho? knowing that now that i'm back....
i will get to help my best friend plan her wedding.


the first of my friends is getting married. this is verygoodnews.
especially since everyone already knows how much i love weddings and everything about them.
this one is sure to be amazing... (as you can see above. the bridal party attire is going to be epic.)
i shall keep you posted!
so good to be back,
but for now,



audrey (an unfinished shot), for my colour theory class.
a handpainted mug for my collection.
i've been in a crafty spirit lately. i have other things i've been doing too, but they haven't had the honour of being photographed.

winterwonderland roadtrip essentials>

at last! a bit of vacation! i leave tomorrow for twelve days of wondrous relaxation.
there are certain things however that i must have before we can roadtripit out there. essential things:
1) obviously my fully packed (and probably overstuffed) suitcase. i've had nightmares about leaving it behind. ohdear.
2) some foundation. so that i don't scare anyone.
3) mascara. same reason...
4) the ipod. so i don't die from silence.
5) my camera. in case something epic happens.
6) a book. (for when i'm not driving, you sillyheads.)
7) gum. to keep my mouth busy and to keep me awake.
8) my phone. to keep in touch and...just in case i get lost. which will not happen.
9) sack hat. to hide my traveler's hair.
11) sunglasses. to keep from blinding myself and/or getting a headache.
12) a scarf. it's colllldddd outside.
13) a jacket. for when i make necessary gas station stops.
15) blankets and my alice pillows. to keep the ride cozy and comfy.
16) comfy jeanssss.
17) slippers. they come on and off easily, perfect for long drives!

i can't wait to gooo.
and this means see you later. au revoir. and ta ta for now.
i'll be back though. no worries.


clothes for littles.

i love children. and i love dressing them, because you can dress them in whatever you like and they simply won't care. i discovered mishalulu lately, and i think i'm in love with the clothes. so pretty and whimsical. these shots were taken from the spring and fall 2010 collections.

i'm also in love with their photography. such fun.

ok. she's adorable. and so are her boots.
and this little cupcake too.

love that hammy smile. the cutest.



YES. please.

caroline swift is practically a genius when it comes to delicate ceramics. look for yourself!
paper-thin plates, ornate spoons, organic looking bowls, and beautiful glass orbs....magnifique.

so beautiful.



more random things that make that silly grin appear on my face. the majority of this post comes from the loverly blog a beautiful mess. (yeah, i want her job.)
silly crazy red hair love.
the sweet shoppe. i want to go there someday.
i ALSO want to go there^^ someday. looks fantastic.
these cupcakes are cute but the story is cuter! tear*
she is an adorable little flower.
tattoos! this script tat (not from a beautiful mess but from one of my favourite photographers yet: w. scott chester) and this polaroid beauty make me swoon.
the rest of these are from a beautiful mess too. they make me happy.
cutest little owl ever. (and some clever photo editing too *cough*)
FLORAL TIGHTS: the best accessory made for women since the invention of accessories.


obsessed? (maybealittle)

oi. i know i know. i like weddings. this has been said before.
butttt. if i were to ever become a fashion designer...ha...i would try my hand at some dresses. dresses are just so fun. here are some good ones:

these two remind me of tutus. i like tutus.

i pretty much like that one because of the adorable/spiff perambulator. i confess.
a dress in two parts.
that one looks comfy. (smile)
lovelovelove the detail on the back.
yes i saved the best for last. i love the curly hair on this oneeee. especially in contrast with the tailoured dress.
and this one is my favourite of all time. wantwantwant.
pictures taken from here and here.