what boredom creates...
(the first one takes some thought. just fyi.)

madame & monsieur & thrifting

this (smile) of the day was brought to you by Ashley G. [http://www.etsy.com/shop/ashleyg] what a loverly artist she is. (the octopuses have red hair people!!) i have plenty of her work hanging on my walls at this very second. and yes. i would rather be thrifting right now. alas i am not.



put on your fancy pants.

meet mr. fancy pants bryant. one of the raddest graphic designers out there. (don't you love his classy specs? those aren't even real.) here are ten of his pieces. look him up. [http://www.flickr.com/photos/sirwwoods/]

that one makes me laugh. really hard...


called "daily reminder"


don't hear what i'm not saying.

THE INTERVENTIONIST! from Vinegar Hill on Vimeo.

"Jack thinks his girlfriend needs help...his help. And he'll do whatever it takes to give her that help. 'THE INTERVENTIONIST!' is a comedy about assumptions and their disastrous consequences."


j'ai des moustaches sur mes jambes

yepp. these babies were waiting for me when i got home this evening. (did i mention getting mail is one of my many loves?) i love late birthday presents from bffs.

luff you,

(say cheese)

border collie puppies. mhm. they make me smile biggggsmiles



ooo...polyvore. this is one of my favourite outfits.

and a mustache...


i love weddings ever so much. especially when it's people i know and love that are getting married. weddings are such a beautiful example of Christ's love for us and His church, and it's usually an all-around good time including music, dancing, and cake ofcourseee. wedding photography is a favourite of mine because it captures all of these things in their glory. here are a few of my favourite shots from weddings...not in any order whatsoever.

the hype. of course. [oncewed]

the true love is my favourite. [carissa gallo's page]
the excitement and anticipation.
always a happy ending.
the friendship. [oncewed]
the decor!! [oncewed]
true. [oncewed]
the settings and environment. [oncewed]
lovely. [oncewed]
the shoesss [oncewed]
the table settings. [oncewed]
gotta love a creative cake. [oncewed]
and all the tiesss. [oncewed]
there's more i love about weddings. but i'd need a whole website. so.
aurevior, lauren

costume (and beard!) love

bluebird vintage find--babybird costume. it is officially my favourite baby costume ever. handmade and stinking adorable. (also. her daddy has a beard. beardlove.)
[picture from bluebirdvintage.typepad.com]

(smile) four legged beard

marc johns always = a (smile)


color collective is a favourite source of mine for finding colour palettes.
"The color palettes are pulled from the work of various designers, artists, and photographers that I am inspired by. I hope you will be inspired too, and use these palettes in your own creative projects!" --lauren willhite on her blog.
i say YES.
color collective often references laura gommans (as pictured above) and her fab fashion choices.

laura, lauren, let's be friends.
[i've provided links to both of the girls' pages at the top of my page. incaseyou'reinterested.]



they're coming. in the mail. for me. yesss

a favourite

Shaped, Coloured from VsTheBrain on Vimeo.

(brilliance) christmas needs to hurry up.

(smile) of the day

first (smile) post. what's that? you ask.
sometimes i shall post pictures of things that make me smile.
balloons are one of those things. they remind me of parties. (i like parties.)
[photo from 20x200.com]

photography, for me, is about remembering a moment in time and about creating something beautiful with that moment.the feelings and emotions of that moment are captured in one shot.