lovely shopping finds

i'm sick. i know, lame. and just before school starts again. fannntastic. ahwell. to make myself feel better i've been watching too much TV, sleeping, reading J. M. Barrie's Peter Pan (a love of mine), and playing with my newest toy: annie, my smoking new laptop. i guess being sick isn't all that bad...
anyways. when i say "playing" i really mean blog reading and a whole lot of wishful shopping. listed below are several finds that i would buy instantly if i were a millionaire. sounds depressing, but really it's quite fun. here you go:

bow tie neckalce from urban outfitters. if i were a man, i would wear bow ties everyday. obviouslyyy i'm not, so this necklace version will suit me quite nicely. (i think they should make them in plaid...)
these adorable cigarette pants (also from urban) come in my current favourite colour. yum.
i would wear bunnies on anything. but this comfy sweater will do. (from urban.)
these shoes from urban don't need a caption. just asljfnskjdgkdfghasd.
cuuuutest anthropologie skirt. i love geometry.
have you ever seen a prettier pair of wedges? i dare say you have not. (modcloth)

i love flowers on my legs. wearing some comfy ones right now actually! these are pretty. (also modcloth)
i lovelovelove this dress. loooove. that is all i have to say. (modcloth)


some photo love.

some flickr beauties for you. heart&heart

love this... from here.
i want to go where this was taken... from here.
i love everything about this photo, especially the pretty china. from here.
one of the prettiest windows i've ever seen. from here.
an adorable and hilarious one from the lovely birdies at bluebirdvintage! (getting ideas for any pregnancy shoots i do...) found here.
and this gem! love the tights. love the dress. found here.

vimeo {smile}

from the ever amazing andrew gallo and his loverly wife, carrisa. a film they made of their vacation. (creative brilliance, yes?)

drifted as. from ForYouLoveMe on Vimeo.