flower field bridesmaid

i've been doing a lot of planning for my friend's wedding.....i'll most likely be photographing a wedding this june.....and several other friends have gotten engaged recently....so naturally i've got bridesmaidbrain. and i've been putting a lot of thought into what on earth i would want for my wedding, because there always seems to be something new to change my mind once i've come up with something.
and my wedding isn't even on the horizon. probably not even on the same planet.
so i might as well put all this energy to good use and put together some things for your sake and not just my own.
what the bridemaids will wear is a big deal (at least to me) in planning for a wedding. and i'm enthralled by the idea of having something different. no matchy, glitsy, strapy, curlyness for me thank you. i'm also plagued by the idea that my girls will be buying a dress that they wouldn't wear again afterward. (which actually isn't a bad thing....i wont be wearing mine again either... but it DOES plague me. gah.) so! i love the idea of having my girls shop at a favourite store or boutique to find a dress instead of having to go to a bridal shop. (unless it's they're favourite store...?) and crazyfun shoes are a MUST. casual for the win.
the collection above is my first go. i love the idea of having a floral dress, and brightly coloured shoes will be in most of my collections, because, well, i love them. the flower field bridesmaid combo is supposed to be very feminine, while still being whimsical and light-hearted.
stay tuned for more love.


babies (SMILE)

maybe you're not an animal lover. most people i know wouldn't even keep a pet goldfish. but. i do know that no one can resist looking at adorable pictures of baby animals. almost makes me want to fulfill my childhood dream of being a zookeeper. here a few of my favourite animals in baby form.
i need one of these.
ohman. too bad bunnies grow up and get smelly.
loving this little hug.
yes i did post a picture of baby pandas. who hasn't?? LOVE
one of my ultimate favourites. i really really love otters and beavers. baby things were never cuter.

gracious, i love baby things.



so i've been kindof obsessed with pixie haircuts lately. wishing i had the nerve to try one, whilst thinking that i would look megahorrendous if i were brave. i don't know...maybe one day. here are some uber cute ones.

scary white mannequin lady with awesome hair.

sheesh emma. why are you so cute?
and carey mulligan. sometimes i wish i had her face. and hair in this case.


for rinah.

two of my favourite artists (and pretty much two great people all around) are adopting!!!
from uganda!! i'm not not sure how this escaped my notice....but i've noticed now. and i can't keep from crying when i think about it. it makes me unbelievably happy. they are fulfilling one of my life long dreams.
the video below tells their story. and rinah's story.

we can helppppp! click HERE to HELP. and pray for them and their sweet little girl.
God is so good.


rob ryan

could these prints get any cuter?
no, i dare say, they can not.
thank you rob ryan for giving me an adorable overload.

major love.



these textiles from pauline borca just make me laugh. a very happy photo shoot it seems to have been.
this first couple kinda creeps me out...but her dress is fun.

see what i mean? fun right?
love her shoes. (is it just me, or do their faces look a little digitally enhanced? hmm)
i saved my favourite for last. his hat cracks me up...but check out her dress! and tights! and hair! and FACE! love it. they're adorable. sosofun.


shabd chic

holysmokes. check out the tie-dye people. shabd is a genius.

love the brightness of that blue. wowww.
the prettiest dress. love it. makes me think...tie-dye bridesmaid dresses......someone should do it. i think i just might.
{all photos are from her fantastic spring collection. she has stuff for kids too! eeppp!!!}



i'm sure it's pretty darn obvious, but just in case you're rather unobservant, i changed the layout of the blog. much like my bedroom, i simply much change the look of things every once in a while. i love flowers and thought the blog needed to look a little more colourful, brighter, fresher, all that jazz. (that is a strange word...fresher...)

those terms also describe this photo i found on design for mankind. (a superduper blog! i always find super fun stuff there.) it's very similar to the colour palettes lauren willhite creates on her blog color collective. it cracks me up and dazzles me at the same time. lovesss it. (the horse head was totally my idea. someone's been stealing my ideas!)

and that's all i have to say.


lovely shopping finds

i'm sick. i know, lame. and just before school starts again. fannntastic. ahwell. to make myself feel better i've been watching too much TV, sleeping, reading J. M. Barrie's Peter Pan (a love of mine), and playing with my newest toy: annie, my smoking new laptop. i guess being sick isn't all that bad...
anyways. when i say "playing" i really mean blog reading and a whole lot of wishful shopping. listed below are several finds that i would buy instantly if i were a millionaire. sounds depressing, but really it's quite fun. here you go:

bow tie neckalce from urban outfitters. if i were a man, i would wear bow ties everyday. obviouslyyy i'm not, so this necklace version will suit me quite nicely. (i think they should make them in plaid...)
these adorable cigarette pants (also from urban) come in my current favourite colour. yum.
i would wear bunnies on anything. but this comfy sweater will do. (from urban.)
these shoes from urban don't need a caption. just asljfnskjdgkdfghasd.
cuuuutest anthropologie skirt. i love geometry.
have you ever seen a prettier pair of wedges? i dare say you have not. (modcloth)

i love flowers on my legs. wearing some comfy ones right now actually! these are pretty. (also modcloth)
i lovelovelove this dress. loooove. that is all i have to say. (modcloth)


some photo love.

some flickr beauties for you. heart&heart

love this... from here.
i want to go where this was taken... from here.
i love everything about this photo, especially the pretty china. from here.
one of the prettiest windows i've ever seen. from here.
an adorable and hilarious one from the lovely birdies at bluebirdvintage! (getting ideas for any pregnancy shoots i do...) found here.
and this gem! love the tights. love the dress. found here.

vimeo {smile}

from the ever amazing andrew gallo and his loverly wife, carrisa. a film they made of their vacation. (creative brilliance, yes?)

drifted as. from ForYouLoveMe on Vimeo.


i have actors for brothers.

so proud of them!

it's more of a grin than anything.

ok. so.
i. love. food.
i really like pretty food.
and i adore super easy recipes. (because i cannot cook at all. emphasis on AT ALL.)
i am sometimes made fun of for the little dance i do when i eat good food. yes, it makes me that happy.
i also like it when other people share their really delish and easy recipes on the internet.
like this girl emma. and her blog from scratch. she's also rather hilarious. would love to meet her in person someday.
any extra time you have should be spent reading her blog and eating some of her recipes.....like these!

from her sweet shoppe!
she also shares really yum recipes from other cooks. like tiramisu, people. *faints
her take on high-hat cupcakes. numnum
and pineapple spinach mozzarella peach jam homemade pizza amazingness.

dear food,
i think i'm in love.

with all my hungry heart,
lauren xo
{all photos from her blog! i restate: go there.}