flower field bridesmaid

i've been doing a lot of planning for my friend's wedding.....i'll most likely be photographing a wedding this june.....and several other friends have gotten engaged recently....so naturally i've got bridesmaidbrain. and i've been putting a lot of thought into what on earth i would want for my wedding, because there always seems to be something new to change my mind once i've come up with something.
and my wedding isn't even on the horizon. probably not even on the same planet.
so i might as well put all this energy to good use and put together some things for your sake and not just my own.
what the bridemaids will wear is a big deal (at least to me) in planning for a wedding. and i'm enthralled by the idea of having something different. no matchy, glitsy, strapy, curlyness for me thank you. i'm also plagued by the idea that my girls will be buying a dress that they wouldn't wear again afterward. (which actually isn't a bad thing....i wont be wearing mine again either... but it DOES plague me. gah.) so! i love the idea of having my girls shop at a favourite store or boutique to find a dress instead of having to go to a bridal shop. (unless it's they're favourite store...?) and crazyfun shoes are a MUST. casual for the win.
the collection above is my first go. i love the idea of having a floral dress, and brightly coloured shoes will be in most of my collections, because, well, i love them. the flower field bridesmaid combo is supposed to be very feminine, while still being whimsical and light-hearted.
stay tuned for more love.

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