obsessed? (maybealittle)

oi. i know i know. i like weddings. this has been said before.
butttt. if i were to ever become a fashion designer...ha...i would try my hand at some dresses. dresses are just so fun. here are some good ones:

these two remind me of tutus. i like tutus.

i pretty much like that one because of the adorable/spiff perambulator. i confess.
a dress in two parts.
that one looks comfy. (smile)
lovelovelove the detail on the back.
yes i saved the best for last. i love the curly hair on this oneeee. especially in contrast with the tailoured dress.
and this one is my favourite of all time. wantwantwant.
pictures taken from here and here.


a day for thanks.

turkey day is always a happy day in my house. mostly because we genuinely have soso many things to be thankful for.
after lazing around in my jammies and blankets, watching the annual macy's thanksgiving day parade...we started cooking. (most photo credit goes to mom. lovesher)
mr. turkey nestled nicely in the oven.
raspberry cumble (the best i've ever made! miraculous!) for breakfastttt.
sweet friends to keep us company. along with some classical guitar playing.
mr. handsome couldn't wait for food.
my wanna-be curly hair decided to act even more flat today. ahhwell
all serious discussions take place over an appetizer of homemade salsa and tortilla chips.
making the famous mashedpotatoes. praisethelordforthat.
kiss for mamma
peeled to perfection.

do not be fooled. they're still wrestling.

you will not get kisses from me katie. sorry.
but maybe alex...
sweetsweet granpa
the desserts. (and/or breakfast)
i love this guy. can't live without him.
new friends!!
thank the lord for thanksgiving. and for so many people and things to be grateful for.