it's more of a grin than anything.

ok. so.
i. love. food.
i really like pretty food.
and i adore super easy recipes. (because i cannot cook at all. emphasis on AT ALL.)
i am sometimes made fun of for the little dance i do when i eat good food. yes, it makes me that happy.
i also like it when other people share their really delish and easy recipes on the internet.
like this girl emma. and her blog from scratch. she's also rather hilarious. would love to meet her in person someday.
any extra time you have should be spent reading her blog and eating some of her recipes.....like these!

from her sweet shoppe!
she also shares really yum recipes from other cooks. like tiramisu, people. *faints
her take on high-hat cupcakes. numnum
and pineapple spinach mozzarella peach jam homemade pizza amazingness.

dear food,
i think i'm in love.

with all my hungry heart,
lauren xo
{all photos from her blog! i restate: go there.}

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