more things

found more things to love. thought i should share them.
so. i've been madly in love with the thought of living in a cottage lately. (been reading too much.) AND i also found this Amazing (with a capital A) photographer i.anton on flickr. [http://www.flickr.com/photos/ianton/]
i love the way she edits her shots. [flickr.com]
oops. [flickr.com]
again with the cottage theme. *sigh [flickr.com]
pretty wallpaper. [flickr.com]
i love paper planes! [flickr.com]
love this vintage shot. adorableness. [flickr.com]
more paper planesss. [flickr.com]
i want cheese cake at my wedding. i want that cheese cake at my wedding. yum [oncewed.com]
soso pretty.[oncewed.com]

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