{RIP} domino mag

domino magazine was a gem. unfortunately i discovered it only a few months before it went out of print. luckily, someone was smart enough to save some of the beloved images, and uploaded them to flickr! [http://www.flickr.com/photos/8230585@N06/with/3281452913/]
here are a few of the rooms...

PS. domino had a major hand in influencing me towards interior design. beautifulstuff.
a black bathroom. (and a beautiful one) something you're ONLY supposed to do when ample sunlight is available. unless, of course, you like pretending that you live in a cave.then it's ok.
would love to sit and read in that very spot...plus, animalskin rugs are the best.
colourrr. and art collage. love it all.
love the print on the chair.
too bad the fireplace isn't made much of in this one. apparently they'd rather ignore it. the space planning and scaling need some help, but it's still pretty.
wallpaper is totally back.
love this one.
i love a good white bedroom. so fresh.

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