winterwonderland roadtrip essentials>

at last! a bit of vacation! i leave tomorrow for twelve days of wondrous relaxation.
there are certain things however that i must have before we can roadtripit out there. essential things:
1) obviously my fully packed (and probably overstuffed) suitcase. i've had nightmares about leaving it behind. ohdear.
2) some foundation. so that i don't scare anyone.
3) mascara. same reason...
4) the ipod. so i don't die from silence.
5) my camera. in case something epic happens.
6) a book. (for when i'm not driving, you sillyheads.)
7) gum. to keep my mouth busy and to keep me awake.
8) my phone. to keep in touch and...just in case i get lost. which will not happen.
9) sack hat. to hide my traveler's hair.
11) sunglasses. to keep from blinding myself and/or getting a headache.
12) a scarf. it's colllldddd outside.
13) a jacket. for when i make necessary gas station stops.
15) blankets and my alice pillows. to keep the ride cozy and comfy.
16) comfy jeanssss.
17) slippers. they come on and off easily, perfect for long drives!

i can't wait to gooo.
and this means see you later. au revoir. and ta ta for now.
i'll be back though. no worries.

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  1. have a wonderful time my dear! :) make sure you give mikayla a HUGE hug for me <3 <3 <3